Professional Passion in Photography

I take pictures neither to pay nor to earn money. It is a passion, but nothing more than a hobby. But I am convinced that this is the most wonderful aspect about a hobby: Something you don’t have to do but rather just do it whenever and wherever you want.


I made my first experiences with analogue pictures, but I’ve been using digital cameras for some years now. Because of my job, I act out my hobby at the weekends, mostly in the area of Berlin. But I also look forward to shootings in “somewhere”.

Visual impressions

Humans can be fascinating, impressive and they can live their emotions. To catch these emotional moments, to look behind the first impression, is my motivation.

“Pictures for a catalogue” – yes, but…
To take pictures of ‘clothes with humans inside’ is a nice way of spending time, it is fun and suitable as a good training. But for me it is more interesting and much more exciting to manipulate the viewer and touch him with visual impressions.

Profile Description:

Pure passion, People, second sights, sometimes fashion, beauty & the reverse is also true.


Studio / Indoor/ Outdoor